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Indaba Global's World Leading Online Leadership Programs:
Using Patent Pending technology, Indaba Global has created extensive MBA-like online coaching and training materials on a wide range of programs so that employees and leadership have the knowledge required to enable them to work through a myriad of challenges. In addition, Indaba Global has developed a software platform that is customizable and may be private-labeled with complete flexibility offering secure access to online video training, audio, and testing.

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Gone are the days when companies could train everyone they needed to in a classroom environment. However, grooming your employees and providing them with training and knowledge is a business imperative. By using a combination of eLearning and on the job experience, many organizations are finding that Blended Learning is highly effective as a means of ramping up their personnel in a cost-effective manner - for pennies on the dollar of traditional in classroom learning. Participants (managers, leaders, and employees) can study the programs in the learning format they are most comfortable with ("My Way"), at the venue of their choice ("My Place"), and at the speed that matches their individual learning skills ("My Pace").
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